Family Is Everything!

It doesn’t take a crisis to realize that family is everything.  But every crisis provides an opportunity to show it. Amy’s dad was in a TCU (Transitional Care Unit), benefiting from physical therapy to get him strong enough to go home.  The whole Hutchinson family visited last weekend to offer their love and support.  While the circumstances weren’t ideal, the … Read More

Ready, Set, Go!

Dave and Amy were all bundled up recently to “ready, set, go” watch their daughter at her track meet. Ashley, on the other hand, kept warm by “Moving More, Living More” at each race! What’s at your finish line? Playing with the grandkids? Camping and hiking this summer? Shopping at your favorite store? If pain and immobility keeps your from … Read More

Play The Day Away!

Every now and then, Idaho teases us with a warm spring day.  Cortney, everyone’s favorite receptionist in Gooding, took her family to the park last weekend to play the day away! Cortney and her friend checked out the barn, part of the improvements completed last year to the Gooding East Park. Jeff took up his very important position at the … Read More

Secrets To A Robust Retirement

You’ve worked hard all your life, watching the weeks pass, waiting for those magical golden years.  Now that it’s here, are you finding that physical limitations are keeping you from the retirement you’ve always dreamed of, including… Traveling to new places? Keeping up with the grandchildren? Fly fishing in your secret spot? Woodworking in a well stocked shop? Lowering your … Read More

Moving More Helps Arthritis Pain

The pain of arthritis may cause you to become less active to avoid the discomfort, but the opposite is actually better for you.  Moving more helps arthritis pain! The Mayo Clinic recommends exercise to: Increase strength Improve flexibility Reduce joint pain Combat fatigue Physical therapy offers stretching and manual therapy treatments to safely work out stiffness.  Your physical therapist will … Read More