Neck Pain & Back Pain Therapy

Twin Falls Back Pain & Neck Pain Therapy

When bending over or turning your head is as much work as the job itself, we can help! Back pain and neck pain can limit you every day. We understand.

Physical therapy here at Body Balance can help you overcome your limits. We can help you reduce your pain, regain your flexibility and improve your life. Don’t let back pain and neck pain hold you back.

Call us today at (208) 934-9011 to set up your appointment so you can get back into life!

Man dealing with back and neck pain

Do you have trouble with:

  • Getting up or down from a chair
  • Sleeping
  • Walking or running
  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Turning your head
  • Looking up, down or side to side
  • Bending over
  • Lifting anything
  • Doing normal everyday tasks

We can help you move more so you can live more.

  • We successfully treat back and neck problems every day
  • Our patients get better
  • We stay current on the latest research and how it can benefit you
  • As we treat your back and neck, we will explain what we are doing and how it will benefit you
  • We will identify the specific cause of your problem and work with you to get better

What can you do to get better?

  • Come in for an evaluation to start your recovery
  • Learn the basics of posture and how they can help you
  • Learn the techniques, exercises and stretches that will help you
  • Remember legs are for lifting
  • Let us help you