Hip Pain

Twin Falls Physical Therapist

Hip pain can be confusing because there are many causes. You need an accurate diagnosis of your symptoms so treatment can be directed at the underlying causes.

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Xray image of hip and a marker indicating frequent area of pain.

What are some of the hip symptoms that you should seek medical help for?

  • Pain in the hip while walking
  • Pain in the hip while bending over
  • Radiating pain in the hip, groin, or upper thigh that won’t go away
  • Pain that is present even while resting or sleeping
  • Inability to bend at the hip
  • A catching or popping in the hip
  • Limping or guarding on the hip to walk or move
  • Any unusual symptoms that are persistent

What will you do at BodyBalance Physical Therapy to help me?

  • Identify the cause of your discomfort or problem in a thorough initial evaluation
  • Treat your injury or pain with techniques that target your problem
  • Monitor your progress
  • Modify your treatment plan as needed to make sure you keep getting better
  • Help you identify ways you can avoid problems in the future
  • Teach you how to do exercises and stretches that will reduce your pain
  • Work closely with your doctor to coordinate care if needed

What can you do to help yourself?

  • Realize you can get better and that you don’t have to live with pain
  • Be consistent with the exercises we will give you to do at home
  • Ask about anything that you don’t understand
  • Tell us exactly how you are feeling and what affects your problem