Workman’s Compensation Therapy

Twin Falls Physical Therapist

Whether you are an employee or employer, BodyBalance Physical Therapy is a smart choice to help you get back to work.

We offer comprehensive treatments that allow for better understanding and address the cause of the problem.

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Employees can expect:

  • To return to work as quickly and safely as possible.
  • An outcomes oriented program that produces shorter treatment times.
  • Treatment and education to reduce your chance of re-injury.
  • A program tailored to your specific needs.
  • Care that not only looks at the severity of injury, but also overall health and lifestyle.
  • Open communication between your doctor, insurance carrier, employer, and us.
  • A complete list of treatment objectives.
  • A detailed, realistic recovery plan including patient goals and milestones.

Employers can expect:

  • Your employees to get better and back to work.
  • Ongoing progress reports shared with your employee’s doctor and your insurance carrier.
  • Progress reports that include evidence based, measurable goals and milestones for your employees.
  • Therapists who will work with any back to work programs or ideas you have.
  • Your employees to receive education on injury prevention as they are treated.
  • Us to return patients to work as soon as possible, reduce the frequency and severity of injuries, and reduce costs and lost time.

We also offer additional services when needed such as:

  • Physical reconditioning emphasis
  • A series of gradually progressive, work related activities performed with proper body mechanics to recondition employees to return to work.
  • Work Conditioning/Hardening
  • A program similar to Physical Reconditioning, but more intense.