FAQ – Answers to commonly asked questions.

Physical Therapy

The goal of physical therapy is to reduce your pain. As you participate in physical therapy, you may experience soreness from the exercises, activities, and stretches that you will do. However, if you begin to experience significant pain, you will need to communicate that to your therapist so he can modify the activity to suit you.


Yes! Here at BodyBalance Physical Therapy, all of our physical therapists and occupational therapists are licensed by the state of Idaho. In fact many of our therapists also have advanced certifications and specialize in many areas, such as orthopedics, sports therapy, manual therapy, pediatrics and women’s health. You can be assured that you will not be treated by an unlicensed aide or tech at BodyBalance.

Pain & Issues

Actually no. Physical therapy can definitely reduce pain if that is your problem; however, it is so much more. Physical therapy can improve your balance and ability to walk. It can improve an athlete’s athletic performance. It can reduce your risk of injury. It can improve the quality of your life regardless of age or injury status.

Getting Started