Balance Therapy

Twin Falls Physical Therapist

Have you every felt like the world was spinning around you? Do you feel dizzy or lightheaded at times? Is it hard to catch yourself if you stumble?

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Therapist assisting client with balance exercises.

Why is good balance so important to your health?

  • It will help you avoid falls and the injuries caused by them
  • You can walk without staggering
  • It is essential for the quick movements required by sports
  • You can go up or down stairs without tripping
  • You can pick things up off the floor or tie your shoes without falling over
  • It helps you get up or down from a bed or a chair

How can you improve your balance?

  • Find out what is causing your balance problem
  • There are some causes that can be fixed in as little as one or two physical therapy visits
  • Pay attention to what makes it better or worse to help us with a correct diagnosis
  • Strengthen your core muscles as well as leg and arm muscles
  • We can help you set up a home exercise program

Why is Body Balance Physical Therapy a great choice for balance problems?

  • Our Physical Therapists have advanced training in balance therapy
  • We will treat the cause of your balance problem
  • Weakness
  • Stroke recovery
  • Vestibular problems (inner ear)
  • Surgery or injury recovery
  • Joint problems
  • You name it!
  • Our clinics have the equipment necessary to treat your balance problems
  • We will focus on getting you well for good, not just until your next visit