Flexibility and Stiffness

Twin Falls Physical Therapist

Does part of you not move like it used to? Do you have trouble reaching overhead or bending down? Or, do you want to increase your flexibility for athletic activities? Whatever the reason, BodyBalance Physical Therapy will get you doing the things you want to do!

How can we help you today? Call us to increase your flexibility and joint range of motion today!

Therapist assisting client with mobility excersize.

Why are good flexibility and range of motion important?

  • They reduces our risk of injury when we participate in physical activity.
  • They enable us to do many everyday activities that we take for granted, like looking over our shoulder or bending over to pick something up
  • In athletics, flexibility can reduce our risk of injury and it can improve our performance

Working with a physical therapist to improve your flexibility and joint range of motion at BodyBalance Physical therapy can:

  • Maintain and improve the flexibility you currently have
  • Preserve the range of motion of your joints or improve where you have problems
  • Prevent injury during exercise and normal everyday activity
  • Help your muscles prepare for harder activities
  • Relax your body and mind
  • Return your joint to full movement after surgery