4 Bedtime Habits of Highly Successful People

Here are 4 bedtime habits of highly successful people that can lower stress, increase focus and improve daily lives.
1.  READ EVERY NIGHT – Billionaire Bill Gates

A University of Essex study showed that reading can reduce stress levels by 68%, allowing for clear thinking and successful living.

2.  HIDE YOUR PHONE – Businesswoman Arianna Huffington

The bright lights of our cell phones trick our bodies into thinking it’s daytime, preventing “sleep chemicals” from being released, according to Harvard professor Dr, Charles Czeisler.  Forego the technology and relax for a successful night’s rest.

3.  MEDITATE – TV Personality Oprah Winfrey

A study in Biological Psychiatry showed mindfulness meditation increased brain activity in the areas related to focus and calmness.

4.  PLAN THE NEXT DAY – AMEX CEO Kenneth Chenault

Researchers followed college students and found that time management skills affected grades more than scholastic aptitude, leading to a more successful education.

Patients who’ve completed physical therapy also know that faithfully doing the home exercises goes a long way in reducing pain and increasing uninterrupted sleep.  If pain keeps you up at night, call today for an immediate appointment!