What Is Causing Your Pain?

Pain is a signal that there is an  IMBALANCE in your body.  The brain is telling you that something is wrong.  Physical therapy works to correct the underlying dysfunctions, thereby allowing your body to be pain free using a method that is much safer than taking pain killers and less costly than surgery.
Muscular, joint, and fascial restrictions and pain can be released with certain soft tissue mobilization techniques, manual stretching, and myofascial trigger point therapy.  More than just a massage, a skilled physical therapist knows how to use pressure to aid in healing and relieve pain.
A complete program of stretching, strengthening and postural correction exercises that are maintained at home can lead to a successful recovery.
At Body Balance Physical Therapy, our therapists are trained in “hands on” manual therapy techniques that are crucial to relieving pain.  The individual attention our physical therapists give while creating a tailored treatment plan will ensure the quickest recovery possible.
Call today, or refer a friend or family member, to begin the journey to a balanced body and a balanced life!