Post-Op Recovery: What You Need to Know.

post op knee pain

While a surgical procedure is often necessary to correct a serious health problem, your body reacts to surgery as if it were an injury. This means that during your recovery period, you can experience a great deal of pain, swelling, muscle weakness, or even loss of mobility. Although everyone loves to have an excuse to spend a few days (or weeks!) of recovery on the couch, getting up and moving is the best way to ease back into normal activities without any lasting effects.

Why does my body take a long time to recover from surgery?

Your surgeon may recommend immobilizing your surgical site for a short period of time to allow for healing. However, immobilization for long periods of time can have many detrimental effects that hinder your recovery. For example, when you don’t move your body, your muscles can weaken and shrink, which limits your body’s range of motion and makes daily activities more challenging. Other recovery challenges include weaker bones, ligaments and tendons, or joint cartilage, all of which carry a higher risk of re-injury if you try to do too much too quickly. Luckily, a safely structured exercise and recovery program can help you regain your strength and range of motion so you can return to doing what you love!

Why is Body Balance the right choice for me?

Our exceptionally trained therapists are eager to work with you to design an exercise program that restores your range of motion and helps you resume your normal activities. Each patient we treat receives individualized, evidence-based care that is optimized to help you recover as quickly as possible.

Body Balance Therapist Adam Squires PT, DPT, OCS, Cert SMT says:

“Therapy after surgery doesn’t have to be difficult and painful! We work hard to safely improve your strength and range of motion without causing you more discomfort. If you have had surgery or are planning a surgical procedure, call us today to discuss your recovery plan!”

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