Physical Therapy For Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

Frightened by a diagnosis of MS?  Not sure what’s ahead and how it will affect your life?  Use physical therapy to help with Multiple Sclerosis symptoms.

Multiple Sclerosis is the result of your immune system attacking your central nervous system.  Symptoms vary from person to person and the severity can fluctuate.  Learning how to manage or avoid the onset of symptoms can improve comfort and quality of life.

Physical Therapy can help these symptoms of multiple sclerosis

Muscle Spasms – stretches will prevent or ease the pain of muscle spasms

Limited Motion – exercises that target joints will increase range of motion

Fatigue – exercises that strengthen muscles will help reduce fatigue

Risk of Falls – coordination exercises will improve balance

Working with a skilled therapist will assure that the stretching and exercise program fits your specific needs.  The experts at Body Balance Physical Therapy have the knowledge and experience to help you manage your MS symptoms.

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