Patients Treat Staff To Fruit Pizza!

Two of our favorite patients treated the staff to a fruit pizza!  You’ll love their amazing story of recovery!

Here is how Lyla described her experience.

“My orthopedic surgeon suggested surgery as I had arthritis and very little cartilage left in my right hip!  I had difficulty and pain walking and did so with a noticeable limp.  I had great difficulty and pain getting in and out of my car and had to hold on to something to step down a curb.”

“After physical therapy with Body Balance, I can do all those things with ease and no pain.  No longer considering surgery!”

Her husband John was also helped by physical therapy.  Here are his words on that journey to wellness.

“Body Balance has really helped me with my lower back issues.  Through the exercises Dave gave me, I am 80% better than when I came in and I believe I’m on my way to 100%.  Thanks.”

We loved getting to know Lyla and John, and the fruit pizza was incredible!

But mostly, we are so glad they are both doing better!

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