Pain Management

Non-surgical Pain Management Solutions

Understanding Pain Management

Pain management in physical therapy refers to the use of various therapeutic techniques to alleviate pain, improve function, and enhance the overall well-being of individuals dealing with chronic pain. Physical therapists assess the root causes of pain and determine a treatment plan. The goal of pain management is not only to provide relief from immediate pain, but also to address underlying factors, improve mobility, and empower individuals to actively manage and prevent future discomfort. Pain management in physical therapy takes a comprehensive, patient-centered approach.

Our Available Pain Management Services Include:

Our dedicated team recognizes that each accident or injury is unique, and we believe in providing personalized rehabilitation approaches.
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Body Balance provider helping a patient with pain management of their shoulders

How Can Pain Management Help You?

Physical Therapy uses various pain management techniques to alleviate discomfort and improve the overall well-being of individuals. Some examples include:
Therapeutic Exercise
Targeted exercises prescribed by physical therapists help strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and enhance joint stability, contributing to pain relief and improved function.
Manual Therapy
Hands-on techniques such as massage, joint mobilization, and manipulation are used to reduce muscle tension, improve joint mobility, and alleviate pain.
Hot and Cold Therapy
Applying different temperatures to affected areas can help reduce inflammation, soothe muscle spasms, and provide relief from pain. Heat is often used for chronic conditions, while cold is effective for acute injuries.
Ultrasound Therapy
This involves the use of sound waves to generate heat and promote healing in deep tissues. Ultrasound therapy commonly offers  pain relief for conditions like muscle strains and joint inflammation.

Pain Management at Body Balance

At Body Balance Physical Therapy, providing effective pain management is a crucial aspect of a patient's care. Our physical therapists play an important role in assessing and treating pain associated with injuries or musculoskeletal conditions. As a team, we work hard to understand and meet the specific needs of each patient. We aim to find an approach that will foster optimal recovery.

We will develop a personalized approach by integrating manual techniques and therapeutic services to alleviate your discomfort. Body Balance’s team of physical therapists will empower you to actively participate in your own pain management. Through our expertise and compassionate care, we will contribute to enhancing your overall quality of life.

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