Improve Balance, Reduce Falls With Physical Therapy

Reduce falling with physical therapy

Reduce falling with physical therapy Age affects balance, which leads to a higher risk of falling and all the health issues related to it, according to a study at Harvard Medical School.  105 healthy people ages 18 to 80 were tested to determine how sensitive they were to certain kinds of motion.  Those age 40 or older had the most trouble passing a standard balance test.

Weak or inflexible muscles, slower reflexes, worsening eyesight and the natural deterioration of the vestibular system can all interfere with balance.  As they age, people tend to have a higher probability of these symptoms.  In fact, at least one out of every three people over 65 will experience some type of fall.Elderly Couple Walking

At Body Balance Physical Therapy, our treatment program includes agility training, as well as stretching and weight shifting exercises.  This will produce improved reflexes, strengthening of the muscles that control balance and increased mobility.

Continuing the exercise program after therapy has ended will maintain the strength and agility needed for optimum balance control.

Patients with private insurance or some form of Medicare coverage pay very little, and sometimes nothing, to receive this life changing treatment.  Call today for an immediate appointment!

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