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Flexibility & Stiffness

Increase your flexibility with our personalized treatment plans

Can you not move like you used to? Do you have trouble reaching overhead or bending down? Would you like to increase your flexibility in athletic activities? Whatever the reason, Body Balance Physical Therapy can help!

Having good flexibility and range of motion is important because it reduces the risk of injury and can improve our performance during athletic activities. It can also make day to day activities easier such as bending over to pick something up.


Why is Flexibility Important?

Flexibility, the ability of your joints to move through a full range of motion, is a crucial aspect of physical health. It plays a significant role in everyday activities, athletic performance, and overall body function. When flexibility is optimal, movements are more fluid, efficient, and less energy-consuming. This is particularly important as we age or engage in physical activities.

Improved flexibility helps in reducing the risk of injuries. Stiff muscles and joints are more prone to sprains and strains. In contrast, flexible muscles and joints are less likely to suffer from such injuries, as they can absorb movement impacts better. For athletes, this is especially beneficial as it enhances their performance by allowing greater movement efficiency and endurance.

Benefits of Improved Flexibility

Enhancing your flexibility through physical therapy comes with a myriad of benefits. Firstly, it significantly lowers the risk of injuries. Flexible muscles and joints are less prone to strains and sprains during physical activities. This is crucial for both athletes and individuals engaging in everyday activities.

Secondly, improving flexibility can notably enhance your performance in various sports and exercises. It allows for a greater range of motion, which can lead to better form, higher efficiency, and increased power. For example, a runner with flexible hip flexors can achieve a longer stride, improving their speed and endurance.

In daily life, increased flexibility makes many tasks easier and more comfortable. Activities like bending to tie your shoes, reaching for items on high shelves, or looking over your shoulder while driving become less strenuous. This ease of movement can lead to a better quality of life, especially as we age.

Common Flexibility Issues

Flexibility issues are common and can significantly impact daily life and physical performance. At Body Balance Physical Therapy, we encounter various flexibility-related problems, and we've developed effective solutions for each.

In all cases, our approach is to first thoroughly assess the individual's specific flexibility issues. We then create a personalized treatment plan that not only addresses these issues but also aligns with the person's lifestyle and goals. Through a combination of expert guidance, tailored exercises, and patient education, we empower our clients to overcome their flexibility challenges and enjoy a more active, pain-free life.

Limited Range of Motion
This is often seen in shoulders, hips, and knees, where the joint doesn't move fully and freely. Causes can include sedentary lifestyle, previous injuries, or age-related changes. Our therapists address this through targeted stretching exercises, strength training, and sometimes manual therapy techniques to gently increase joint mobility.
Muscle Stiffness
This is common in people who sit for long periods or have an intense workout routine. Stiff muscles are prone to injury and can limit functional movement. We combat this with a combination of stretching, strengthening exercises, and advice on proper posture and movement during daily activities.
Post-Surgery Stiffness
After surgery, joints and muscles around the affected area can become stiff due to inactivity. Our rehabilitation programs focus on gradually restoring range of motion with safe and effective exercises tailored to the individual’s recovery stage.
Athletic Performance Limitation
Athletes often face flexibility limitations that can hinder their performance. We work with athletes to identify and target specific areas that need improvement, using a combination of dynamic stretches, sport-specific exercises, and techniques to enhance flexibility and performance.
Age-Related Flexibility Decline
As we age, our muscles and joints naturally lose some flexibility. We help seniors maintain their flexibility with gentle, age-appropriate exercises that also focus on balance and strength to support overall mobility.

Improve Your Flexibility With Body Balance

If you are looking to increase your flexibility, our team of physical therapists at Body Balance can help! We are committed to helping you achieve your physical best, whether you're recovering from an injury, seeking to improve athletic performance, or simply aiming to move better in your daily life. Don't let limited flexibility hold you back. Contact us today to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a more flexible and vibrant you.