Overcoming Muscle Weakness and Balance Problems

A common complaint that sends people to physical therapy is muscle weakness or lack of balance, which can greatly increase your risk of falling. The cause of these issues is often tied to events such as an extended hospital stay, injury, physical inactivity, or even a neurological condition such as stroke or Alzheimer’s disease.

Why does my body have trouble keeping its balance?

When the muscles in your legs, hips, or core get weaker, your proprioception or “position sense” is also weaker, which makes it more difficult for the nervous system to keep your body balanced and upright. A good physical therapy program will include both strengthening and balance activities to keep your muscles strong and help you stay on your feet!

What can I expect at a physical therapy appointment?

At each physical therapy appointment, your therapist will focus on a wide range of factors that affect your ability to maintain balance. Some exercises may involve you closing your eyes while moving your body, while others may target leg and hip muscles to improve strength and stability.

Exercises may be done while standing on different surfaces such as grass, pavement, or carpet in order to improve your balance in situations you would encounter every day. Your therapy is always tailored to YOUR needs and goals so you can do more of what matters to YOU.

Why is Body Balance the right choice for me?

Our therapists at Body Balance Physical Therapy are specialized in treating balance disturbances of every kind, and have the ability to modify, progress, or change each session to tailor a therapy visit to your needs. We have a friendly and compassionate group of therapists who are dedicated to getting you to the outcomes you are hoping for.

Body Balance Therapist Brian Jones PT, DPT says:

“Research indicates that the sooner we can start building and maintaining strength, the better opportunity we have to make improvements in your strength and balance. If you notice that your balance is worsening but haven’t fallen yet, don’t wait for a fall to make that call to our office. Let’s work together to prevent falling or balance problems from getting worse. You’ll love how stable and secure you feel on your feet!”

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