PT: Effective Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis

Physical therapy is an effective treatment for knee osteoarthritis. Current guidelines from the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends that non-surgical management of osteoarthritis of the knees should include physical therapy, NSAIDS, and in certain cases, tramadol (an analgesic/antidepressant). Patients who receive physical therapy can expect medical costs to be as much as 45% lower than other non-surgical methods such … Read More

4 Bedtime Habits of Highly Successful People

Here are 4 bedtime habits of highly successful people that can lower stress, increase focus and improve daily lives. 1.  READ EVERY NIGHT – Billionaire Bill Gates A University of Essex study showed that reading can reduce stress levels by 68%, allowing for clear thinking and successful living. 2.  HIDE YOUR PHONE – Businesswoman Arianna Huffington The bright lights of … Read More

Exercise Has Physical And Mental Benefits!!

Fatigue, mood and self esteem all improve after a single 30 minute low to moderate intensity exercise routine.  Researchers at Staffordshire University recently studied 65 participants who reported symptoms of anxiety with depression or other issues.  These subjects also declared low levels of consistent physical activity. The patients were then asked to complete low/moderate intensity workouts.  Following each exercise session, … Read More

Lower Pelvic Issues Can Cause Back Pain

Sometimes back pain can be caused by issues in the lower pelvic region.  The sacroiliac joint (or SI joint)  is located at the base of your spine and transmits all the forces of the lower body to the pelvis (hips) and lower back. Inflammation and mobility issues in the SI joint and pelvic girdle can cause lower back pain that … Read More

What Is Causing Your Pain?

Pain is a signal that there is an  IMBALANCE in your body.  The brain is telling you that something is wrong.  Physical therapy works to correct the underlying dysfunctions, thereby allowing your body to be pain free using a method that is much safer than taking pain killers and less costly than surgery. Muscular, joint, and fascial restrictions and pain … Read More

7 Ways To Thaw A Parkinson’s Freeze

Thawing a parkinsons freeze

Parkinson’s disease can have a challenging symptom called “freezing” which is a temporary, involuntary inability to move.  While quite frustrating, it can be overcome with some simple tricks to help resume mobility. 1.   MOVE A DIFFERENT BODY PART If your feet have frozen, move your arm by pointing to the ceiling or touching your head.  Then resume walking. 2. … Read More

Overcome Your Chronic Pain

Free from chronic pain

Are you tired of missing out on things you love because of your chronic pain?  Do you dread doing the simplest tasks?  Chronic pain is difficult to manage alone, and it interferes with nearly every aspect of your life, but it can be overcome with the proper training and exercises. At Body Balance Physical Therapy, we help patients find relief … Read More

Improve Balance, Reduce Falls With Physical Therapy

Reduce falling with physical therapy

 Age affects balance, which leads to a higher risk of falling and all the health issues related to it, according to a study at Harvard Medical School.  105 healthy people ages 18 to 80 were tested to determine how sensitive they were to certain kinds of motion.  Those age 40 or older had the most trouble passing a standard balance … Read More