Age Gracefully With Physical Therapy!

Did you know that you can age gracefully with physical therapy?

The number of Americans age 65 and older has steadily increased in the last 100 years.  Physical activity plays a huge factor in determining the quality of those extra years.

  • RELIEVE PAIN with a physical therapy treatment plan.
  • PREVENT FRAILTY by utilizing strengthening exercises.
  • PREVENT SURGERY and the dangers of complications by treating pain with physical therapy.
  • DECREASE DIABETES RISKS with physical activity.
  • IMPROVE BALANCE, which reduces falls and prolongs independence, through physical therapy.
  • PREVENT HEART DISEASE and improve overall health with regular exercise.
  • IMPROVE BONE STRENGTH and reduce bone loss with increased activity.
  • IMPROVE MEMORY  by completing regular exercise regimes.
  • PREVENT INCONTINENCE and bladder leakage through specialized muscle strengthening physical therapy.

Make the most of your golden years by staying active and pain free.

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