14 Easy Tips For Losing Weight

Are you uncomfortable with your weight?  Do you or someone you know have health issues because of obesity?  Here are 14 easy tips for losing weight and leading a healthier lifestyle.

Healthy Eating Habits.  The very complex issue of eating healthy can be broken down into 6 simple tricks and habits:

  1. Use a smaller plate so it feels like you’re eating more.
  2. Keep chopped fresh fruit and vegetables available so you can quickly grab a healthy snack.
  3. Eat regularly, starting with breakfast.  Skipping meals DOES NOT aid in healthy, long term weight loss.
  4. Replace sugared beverages with water.  Infuse your drinks with fruit and herbs to add variety.  http://dish.allrecipes.com/fresh-ideas-for-making-infused-water/
  5. Brush your teeth or chew gum after meals to discourage snacking.  Slowly sipping diffused water will also help.
  6. Measure portions.  Read the labels for recommended serving sizes and stick to that amount.  WebMD has information on portion sizes at https://www.webmd.com/diet/control-portion-size  The Mayo Clinic recommends keeping a daily chart of servings consumed.  A 1,200 calorie day, for instance, would include:
  • Fruits and Vegetables – unlimited
  • Carbohydrates – 4 servings
  • Protein and Dairy – 3 servings
  • Fats (unsaturated are best) – 3 servings
  • Sweets – 75 calories or less
Physical Activity.  Make these 8  “heart rate increasing” activities a part of everyday life:

  1. Wake up just 30 minutes earlier and do some form of stretching or exercise.  Gym memberships are great, if you can.
  2. Be active while watching TV.  Stretch, lift weighted objects, or walk around the room.  Jump up on commercials and quickly clean something.
  3. Increase your normal pace.  Make a concerted effort to be faster at your tasks and increase your heart rate throughout the day.
  4. Walk or bike to all possible destinations.
  5. Take the stairs whenever possible.
  6. Walk your dog daily, or volunteer to walk shelter dogs or a neighbor’s pet.
  7. Park farther from your destination and walk the rest of the way.
  8. Start a walking group with friends.  Set a time and enjoy the company.

This is a long term approach to healthy living.  There’s no quick fix to battle individual metabolisms or years of an unhealthy lifestyle.  Take it one new habit at a time and be patient.

It truly takes the combination of diet AND exercise to be successful.  If pain or stiffness is hampering your efforts to become more active and increase weight loss, call Body Balance Physical Therapy for a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs.  We want to help you Move More, Live More!

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